Songs for Ulingan: A Holiday Benefit Concert

Dec 8

Project PEARLS is not a fancy outreach ministry; it is nothing large or grandiose; it doesn’t compete or seek for glory. We just simply want to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and hold the hands of those who hurt.

 “When I have seen and felt Ulingan, I was in a state of panic; I felt guilty for I feel I am shortchanging them; I know I can do so much more; I can share so much more and from the moment we left the place, I have been thinking, panicking and crying. “

-Melissa Villa-Wilcox, Co-Founder Project PEARLS

I write this post with all my heart and passion for what I believe in and what I love.  This post is dedicated to the children of Ulingan in hopes that I can contribute a small fraction of what is needed there.

Few people come into your life and truly make a difference.  Even fewer people you meet in life are genuine and true of heart and remain life long friends.  Over a decade ago, I moved to the Bay Area with my hubby.  I won’t go into all the details because I do not want to take away from the message behind this post.  But I did meet a bunch of ladies that I will always hold dear in my heart.  We all worked for a college in San Francisco.  This “island girl” was homesick and these ladies made me feel welcomed and gave me a sense of community, no more like a “family”, that  I so needed being  far away from home.  One of these gals was Melissa Villa-Wilcox, one of the co-founders of Project PEARLS.

Since the inception of the organization back in 2008, I have given only a little here and there.  And I am more ashamed at not giving more.  So when Melissa reached out to me and asked if I can help with providing some of my baked goodies at the upcoming fundraiser event, Songs for Ulingan: A Holiday Benefit Concert, I was honored and humbled by the request.

At some point in your life you must attempt to make a difference, big or small.  I cannot sit idly and turn a blind eye on these children who so desperately need the basic necessities in life.  I am in no position to be preaching, but having two children of my own, my heart feels heavy to see photos and hear the stories of these children.  And so I must try . . . I will be baking some of the goodies that you have seen on some of my posts.  And with all my love for baking and for the love of the children of Ulingan, I hope that in my small way I can provide what is needed.

Please come out on December 18, to join us in song and “family” for the children of Ulingan.  If you are unable to come out and join us, then please donate what you can.  Here is a link to the Project PEARLS website.  Here you will see and “meet” the children of Ulingan.

Please find it in your heart to help out these children–big or small.

Finally, I cannot end this post without one of my recipes.  Here you go . . .

Recipe for Love of the Children of Ulingan

1 c Peace

2 c Education

3 c Aspiration

4 c Respect

5 c Love

6 c Smile


Mix all the above and help underprivileged children in the Philippines have a better life.

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