Late Christmas post, but gift boxes made from the heart . . .

Dec 30

Whew, what a busy December for me!  I can’t remember the last time I’ve baked so much–and I loved every second of it.  I’m taking a breather this week to organize, winter cleaning if you will, but most importantly spending time with my family.  So this post is a little late considering the topic and will probably be the shortest I’ve ever posted.  But in the spirit of the holidays, I am sure you all will forgive me and I promise that my next blog post will have my usual blog details and sentiment.  But please feel free to leave a comment if you would like me to send you any of these recipes.

This year I decided to do a “little” baking as Christmas gifts for my hubby’s and my co-workers.  I first search for a container or gift box for the baked goodies.  This would help me determine what and how much to bake.  I was originally going to buy those Martha Stewart’s Christmas goodie boxes that sell for $15 (or something like that) for about five boxes.  But instead found nice reusable Ziploc brand red rectangle containers–on sale at Target for $2.50 for three containers.  The picture above shows the pretty box all tied up in a pretty bow!  But I do have to put a disclaimer that the pictures for this post isn’t very good.  I was so busy baking and preparing these gift boxes, that taking pics was an after thought.

So getting right to it, here is what I placed in each box:

Hawaiian Snowballs: A new take on the Russian Tea Cookie or Mexican Wedding Cookie.  This recipe I did get from Martha and it called for dried pineapples and macadamia nuts.

Candy Cane Macarons: Of course I had to make some macarons!  This time filled with dark chocolate ganache and rolled in candy cane pieces.

Capt B’s Rum Balls: Fondly named after my dearest friend, these are rum soaked chocolate cookies rolled in pistachios.  Highly flammable (hee hee) and recommended for adult consumption.  My sissy calls them mini shots!

Mini Cranberry Bread: This one is near and dear to my heart since the recipe is from a recent cooking demonstration that I participated in as a parent helper in my daughter’s class.  She was so happy that I was able to take the day off and help out baking these mini breads with her classmates.  This is something I will always remember in my heart and the recipe will be a regular every Christmas.  It is made with cranberries and orange juice.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and still enjoying the holidays!  New Years is quickly approaching and I have mochi on my mind!

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