another ombre and labor of love

May 20


Last year my husband and I shared our anniversary with the occurrence of a rare solar eclipse.  This year wasn’t as eventful, but I still make a purple cake!

Every year I try to make a purple cake since it was our wedding color.  Making cakes are soooo not my forte and I commend all of those hard-working bakers and pastry chefs that can churn out those cakes!  Which is why I try to use edible decorations that are time savers and can cover up any blemishes that this novice cake decorator can leave while frosting a cake.  Last year I opted to color some fine coconut flakes various shades of purple.  My Purple Ombre Coconut Cake turned out great!  I know that the ombre effect is slowly losing its appeal, but I still love the gradual gradient of color.  Therefore, I decided to do another purple ombre cake this year.

Can I say again how much time it takes to make and decorate a cake!  I originally wanted to do those pretty fondant ribbon cakes, but . . . by the way, do you know how much time it takes to make a cake!  With the kids’ sport activities, major project at work, etc. I decided once again to go an easier route.  With my recent obsession with royal icing, I decided to make rosettes.  I piped three different shades of purple rosettes after dinner on three separate evenings.  I have to say this is such a time saver!  You can store them in mason/canning jars and they will seemingly last forever.

I made a Meyer Lemon cake, and just in case it wasn’t “lemony” enough I made Meyer Lemon buttercream–I needed to use up the last of my Meyer Lemons on my tree!

I’ll be quite honest–the cake wasn’t very good and I should have made my usual lemon cake recipe.  I have a feeling it was because I over mixed the batter when I added the purple gel food coloring.  In any case, it was still beautiful to photograph and this post I’ve decided will be the second of photos only post!  PERFECT!


Although it wasn’t as tasty as I had hoped, I know that my hubby appreciates the thought and the labor of love that went into this cake.  I love my hubby dearly and appreciate all of his support with my baking and blogging adventures–here’s to another year with my high school sweetheart!


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