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another ombre and labor of love

Last year my husband and I shared our anniversary with the occurrence of a rare solar eclipse.  This year wasn’t as eventful, but I still make a purple cake! Every year I try to make a purple cake since it… Continue reading »

yikes this looks too darn bloody-blood orange olive oil cake

My last post, ai love photo posts-blood orange chocolate macarons, was the first in a series of “photos only post” that I’ve decided to do this year.  It gives me an opportunity to practice my photography and finish a post all… Continue reading »

timing is everything . . . now for some teacakes!

Before my blog makeover, I had a few posts in the pipeline . . . some may never be written, but this one I just had to revisit.  I made these teacakes in the Summer for a dear friend’s mother… Continue reading »

life’s a bowl of cherries . . . or a platter of upside-down cakes

Over the course of a few weeks, I have managed to make a total of FOUR upside-down cakes.  One peach and the rest . . . cherries!  I promised in my previous cherry post (more cherries and a local classic)… Continue reading »

past the princess stage . . . self proclaimed tomboy

A few weeks ago my daughter celebrated her birthday.  She is now officially past the princess stage and recently declared herself a “tomboy.”  Ironically, when I was around her age I also made the same proclamation. So what do you… Continue reading »

celebrating an anniversary, eclipse, and ombre

This past Sunday was a day of celebration!  In California, we were able to view a rare annular solar eclipse!  Making this day even more special–my husband and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary–with a purple ombre cake.  How fitting… Continue reading »

a rainbow after the storm . . .

It’s been a long, but fast few weeks.  Long in the sense that I feel like a lot has happened in a short amount of time, which of course seemed to have gone by very quickly.  My Mom was visiting… Continue reading »