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best chocolate cupcakes ever and a blue iguana?

It’s been few and far between my blog posts this year, but to make it up to you . . . I have the best chocolate cupcake recipe to share with you!  But first let me share some highlights of… Continue reading »

ai heart red velvet mini cupcakes (gluten-free)

Considering my first post of the year was last week, I think I’m right on track with this belated Valentine’s post!  Please have pity on this working mom with a new addition to the family (not really what you may… Continue reading »

edible fashion: high heel cupcakes and make-up and purse cookies

I am so excited and somewhat fatigued to share with you this post!  Wait, fatigued?  Yes, but mostly excited.  Before the beginning of Summer, I had promised my daughter that she could have a special party since she got all… Continue reading »

eggs and bacon . . . huh?

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!  Wondering what to do with leftover eggs that weren’t boiled for the kiddies to color?  This is probably ailovebaking’s first savory post–eggs and bacon cupcakes!  I know last year I promised more simple easy recipes and… Continue reading »

the perfect remedy for the day or week after st. patrick’s day

I am not a big beer or stout fan.  I love the frou frou girly drinks . . . and the occasional rum and coke!  Back in February, I picked up a six-pack of Guinness to make cupcakes for my… Continue reading »

baking with beer, whoops i mean stout

I really do enjoy baking for others.  I am the “un-official” baker for birthdays at work and glad that my co-workers aren’t sick of my baked goods.  Last year for my boss’ birthday the cupcakes I had intended to make… Continue reading »

going retro with some mayo and haupia

Don’t do a double-take . . . not a typo . . . you read it correctly.  Yes these cupcakes are made with mayonnaise.  This cake has been around forever and I could not find any concrete history regarding how… Continue reading »

liking that cardamom-this time with strawberries

I know I was on the fence in my last post about baking with cardamom–now I think I am off the fence and liking it a lot!  It definitely has a distinct aromatic property that cannot be confused with cinnamon…. Continue reading »

lv for my dearest friend the rum captain

Last year I made an iPhone cake for my dearest friend with an edible image of his phone’s home screen placed on fondant.  It was during the time I had been practicing with fondant.  I am not a fan of… Continue reading »

just a little tequila : )

I love to make cupcakes just take a look at my cupcake gallery.  They are easy to make and much less work than making a regular cake.  However, out of all of those cupcakes in my gallery, I probably have… Continue reading »