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my attempt to hold on to summer with this plum blueberry tart!

I’m in denial.  Summer is quickly coming to an end . . . and I intend to do everything in my power to hold on to it.  But going up against mother nature is a losing battle.  So as I… Continue reading »

edible fashion: high heel cupcakes and make-up and purse cookies

I am so excited and somewhat fatigued to share with you this post!  Wait, fatigued?  Yes, but mostly excited.  Before the beginning of Summer, I had promised my daughter that she could have a special party since she got all… Continue reading »

it’s a boy . . . celebrate with sticky toffee pudding!

For awhile now I’ve been wanting to try some sticky toffee pudding.  My dearest and best friend who has ties to Britain has enticed me with his description of this dessert.  I get a bit intimidated whenever I want to… Continue reading »

another ombre and labor of love

Last year my husband and I shared our anniversary with the occurrence of a rare solar eclipse.  This year wasn’t as eventful, but I still make a purple cake! Every year I try to make a purple cake since it… Continue reading »

yikes this looks too darn bloody-blood orange olive oil cake

My last post, ai love photo posts-blood orange chocolate macarons, was the first in a series of “photos only post” that I’ve decided to do this year.  It gives me an opportunity to practice my photography and finish a post all… Continue reading »

ai love photo posts–blood orange chocolate macarons

A lot of planning, time, and energy go into one blog post–photography, writing, editing, and recipes (for food bloggers).  I’ve decided this year I’ll do some short posts that will only feature photos.  Heaven knows I need more practice with… Continue reading »

my “love” series begin with strawberry muffins

  I am excited to introduce the first recipe in my LOVE series of baking.  These love posts and recipes will feature healthier baking in lower sugar or lower fat. Why love?  Well, ai love baking right?  But . …. Continue reading »

irish brown bread for st. patrick’s day

Kylemore Abbey Scones and Irish Brown Bread–two of the most memorable baked goods I had in Ireland last year.  When we returned from our trip, I just knew I had to find a recipe for both! With “divine intervention” I… Continue reading »

reduced sugar chocolate chip cookies, but so much sweeter by purple sweet potato!

It’s no secret that I’ve been battling pre-diabetes since having gestational diabetes with my son five years ago.  I’ve made attempts at lowering the sugar in some of the recipes featured on my blog.  However, the reality is that some… Continue reading »

it’s ai love heart time-part 2 (chocolate cheerios treats)

At the beginning of the school year, parents were assigned to holiday parties for my daughter’s classroom.  It must have been faith that my husband and I were assigned to the Valentine’s party.  I had so many ideas around what… Continue reading »