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ai love photo posts–blood orange chocolate macarons

A lot of planning, time, and energy go into one blog post–photography, writing, editing, and recipes (for food bloggers).  I’ve decided this year I’ll do some short posts that will only feature photos.  Heaven knows I need more practice with… Continue reading »


it’s ai love heart time-part 1 (heart-shaped macarons)

Out of all of the holidays Valentine’s Day is my favorite!  I get to make heart-shaped goodies!  And obviously ai love hearts!  This is one of a couple heart-shaped goodies I will be posting.  Yay! I’ve wanted to pipe heart-shaped… Continue reading »


congrats to the 2012 world series champions!!!

simply . . . macarons made in honor of the 2012 world series champions . . . congratulations san francisco giants!!!  


violette . . . for nanai

Memory is such a fickle thing. They say that the senses can trigger a memory that is long forgotten.  Not surprisingly, taste is that trigger for me.  With one taste, I can remember vivid details and heartfelt memories. I owe Sadaharu… Continue reading »


this local girl in paris?!

After a memorable week in beautiful Ireland, we set off to Paris!  For this local girl originally from Kealakekua, Hawaii, I remember thinking Paris was half-way around the world and a distant dream.  So naturally when we started planning our trip to… Continue reading »


somewhere over the rainbow . . .with a few clouds

Last year, I did a rainbow themed party for my ai daughter.  Conceptually it was a grand idea.  Realistically, much harder to do than I imagined.  ROY G BIV=A LOT OF LAYERS OF COLOR TO BAKE.  From my experience last… Continue reading »


how sweet it is-celebrating macaron day!

I missed last month’s Mactweets Challenge so I was extremely excited to see that the current challenge is in honor of Macaron Day-March 20.  I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to celebrate our beloved macarons along with the world!  Mac… Continue reading »


thankful to get a post out, the big 50, and some meaningful giveaways

Although I love the holidays, I’m a zombie for a good part of the end of the year probably getting five hours of sleep a day.  Once Thanksgiving hits, it is a blur for me with end of year work projects, Christmas… Continue reading »


for pinktober 2011

It’s an awareness . . . and remembrance . . . and prevention . . . and support.  And for the second year in row, Deeba and Jamie over at Mactweets are honoring and supporting Pinktober with Mac Attack #24… Continue reading »


100% pure kona coffee . . . a tribute to my heritage and my family

“Picking coffee” or coffee harvesting begins in the Fall. It is literally back-breaking hard work . . . this is dedicated to my family and our beloved Tatai and Nanai who worked the coffee land for all of us.  … Continue reading »